Starting Point

The way I see it, I already look “pretty good for having 3 kids.”  I’m 5’6″ and wear a size 6-8.  Based on the statistic that the average American woman wears a size 12-14, I’m starting ahead of the curve ball.  But, this isn’t about weight loss for me, and this isn’t a competition between myself and other women, or a comparison.  It’s about me.  Without exercise, my body sits comfortably (or uncomfortably) at 155-ish pounds (mostly in my hips and ass).  At the height of my fitness (before baby #3) I weighed 135 and wore a size 4.  Good for me.

Do I want to look like this?


Hell no.

Derek Hough called his supermodel partner on Dancing With the Stars something I never forgot…”deceptively unfit.”  I don’t want to be skinny; I want to be fit.

So, do I want to look like this?


Again, hell no.

But I want to be healthy and fit.  For me.  I want to push myself to do more.  And I want to sit back and be amazed at what this body and this mind that God gave me can do.  Because, let’s face it, running is 80% mental.

The first 5k I ever ran took me 34 minutes, but I ran the whole thing.  At the end, I was so proud.  But I was also kind of smug.  I did it.  I knew I could.  Bring it on.


And so I became a 5k runner.



I ran more than a few.  I got my time down to 24 minutes and started to think about longer distances.  And then I got pregnant, and I quit running.  Or, I took time off.  Now, I’m back.

So here I am, 30-year old stay-at-home-mom of 8 year old, 6 year old, and 8 month old girls, ready to prove to myself what I can do.

I can run a 5k.  It takes me 32 minutes again, but I can do it.  It surprises me how quickly running has come back to me, like my body never forgot, but the speed is taking more work.

September 1st I will be running my first half-marathon in Virginia Beach.  Follow along with my training.


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